I am an IT specialist, and the Flash Games are my hobby.

Website: http://www.riki1.eu
Games Portfolio

Shoot! Be the champion
Pistol Shooting, sport shooting, use mouse and left mouse click. Shoot with your pistol and be the Champion!...Shoot! Be the champion
Sailing Ship Castle Attack
Attack the castle with your sailing ship, try to stay be alive , and go to the DOCK position, precisely ! Use mouse and Q,W,A,S an...Sailing Ship Castle Attack
Sailing Ship War
Sailing Ship War. Destroy the enemy ships, try to stay be alive, and return to the start position, precisely . Use Q,W,C and mouse...Sailing Ship War
Tank Commander
You will be the tank driver, shooter and commander, 3 in one....Tank Commander
Who is more reasonable? You or the computer? Logical game, the match between computer and humans....LOGIC